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FLP's Philosophy:

To provide the resources and environment to develop our boys and girls as both “good sports” and fundamentally sound lacrosse players. Specifically, our goals at each boys level are as follows:



  • Players learn the fundamentals of Lacrosse through non-competitive, instructional in-house play.  There are no goalies/refs at this age.  They will wear all the equipment that Tykers and above do.  There will be 2 practices during the week & 1 game on Saturday at a local field.   


  • The season usually starts in January/February with some indoor practices and outdoor games start in April and go through early June.

Tykers, Lightning, Midget, Junior


  • Focus is to expand on the fundamentals and continue to grow their game as they get older.


  • Tykers play on a reduced size, Lightning and above play on a full sized field.  All have goalies/refs.


  • Teams participate in the Maryland Youth Lacrosse Association (MYLA) and travel throughout Carroll, Baltimore, Harford, and parts of Howard Counties for games. 


  • Maryland Youth Lacrosse Association (MYLA) – has requirements that teams must be ranked A/B or C. Depending on the number of teams entered in each age group besides Tyker, we must try to adhere to their placement guidelines or teams will not be eligible for Playoffs (no playoffs in Tykers).  Ex.  If we enter 3 teams at Lightning, 1 must be A, 1 B, 1C.  Failing to do so makes all the Lightning Teams ineligible for Playoffs


  • It is up to the Age Group Coordinator (AGC) and the Boys Commissioner to determine proper placement of teams after evaluations.


  • The season usually starts in January/February with indoor practices.  Outdoor games start in April and go through end of May/Early June.  Teams may also participate in year-end tournaments based off the discretion of the AGC/ Boys Commissioner and Coach.


  • Other opportunities to play such as an indoor league, pre-season tournaments etc. will be at the discretion of the AGC and Boys Commissioner.